James M. Mansour

In 1984, Mr. Mansour started National Telecommunications of Austin, which became one of the largest regional long-distance carriers in the country. After selling the firm to LDDS WorldCom, Inc. in 1991, he co-founded National Telecommunications of Florida (NTF), which became the 17th largest long-distance company in the United States. Following a short period at GroupTel, a metropolitan fiber optic based carrier in Toronto, Mr. Mansour led investors to recapitalize Clearwire Technologies in Dallas, which became a leader in the fixed wireless MMDS market, and he served as Chairman and CEO of Clearwire until 2003 when the company was purchased.

Mr. Mansour currently serves as a board member of CSIdentity. Previously, he served as Chairman of Grande Communications and on the boards of ATX Technologies, Inc., GT Group Holdings, Netspeed, Inc., and Netpliance, Inc. (Tipping Point). He also served as Founding Chairman and on the board of CEO America, a nonprofit organization providing education scholarships for low-income children in grades K-8. He was appointed to the Governor’s Business Council in 2006 and the state of Texas’ Advisory Board of Economic Development Stakeholders in 2007.

Mr. Mansour graduated Summa Cum Laude from Millsaps College with a B.B.A. in Accounting. He then went on to become a Certified Public Accountant and received the Richard G. Bell Merit Scholarship Award to Tulane University. He graduated from the Tulane University School of Law in 1984.

In 2005, Sarah, Mr. Mansour’s wife, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Over the course of her treatment, Mr. Mansour became familiar with the various forms of treatment available to cancer patients, and he became active in advocating for scientific studies leading to new cancer treatments. In 2008, Mr. Mansour was elected Chairman of the Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

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