Tenura’s culture is focused on its core asset, its people. The three main tenets of Tenura’s culture are: 1) an exceptional customer experience; 2) empowerment of the individual; and 3) an environment of care.  These main tenets seek to create and foster an environment where people can be successful, entrepreneurial, and part of something big. From its beginning, Tenura made a decision to invest in people and build a supportive culture to bring out the best attributes in its team members. If you focus on people – serving your clients and your employees – much of the rest takes care of itself.

Exceptional Customer Experience

Tenura’s subsidiaries are focused on financial services and insurance services. As such, customer service is at the core of all operations. Companies have long emphasized customer service from a technical standpoint of critical touchpoints when consumers interact with an organization, but not on those providing the service. Tenura takes a modified approach by focusing on the employee with an atmosphere of empowerment and care to build an environment conducive to exceptional customer service.

When corporate politics, unnecessary stress, weak leadership, bad benefits, poor time-off and negative cultural barriers are removed, employees become happier and are focused on delivering the highest quality of service.

Empower the Individual

Tenura is the collective quality of the vision, commitment and dedication of its people. The best way to unleash that vision, commitment and dedication is by hiring great people, investing in them and empowering them to serve our customers. The “power” in empower comes from trust. If you hire great people and provide them with the tools they need to do the job, then you can generally trust them to do the right thing. Employees are further empowered by regularly providing input on all facets of operations to management. This results in bottom-up management where management leads with an understanding of how the field operates and the real-time needs of its clientele.

Environment of Care

People are our greatest asset and we strive to create a work environment that truly reflects our care for one another. Tenura started with the simple insight – we each have but one life to live as fully and positively as possible. Tenura’s One Life approach represents its commitment to this principle. Members of the Tenura family enjoy the opportunity to participate in programs offering support in areas as diverse as personal financial management, goal planning, parenting, marriage and relationship seminars, 401k, numerous paid holidays, a generous paid time-off policy, and top-tier health benefits with substantial employer contributions. The goal is simple – help people take care of their one life and the part of that life they dedicate to work will benefit.

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