Chris Yeoman

Mr. Yeoman started his career in Houston in the oil and gas industry. After spending several years focused on performance benchmarking management consulting in the oil industry, Mr. Yeoman joined with a group of private equity investors to launch a series of private investment funds, which ultimately brought him to Austin in 2000.

Mr. Yeoman’s interest in economics and technology met as he managed a series of technology venture funds in Austin that oversaw investments in local start-up businesses exceeding $75 million. Mr. Yeoman is currently COO at Genesis Inventions, a private venture fund located in Austin, Texas.

Mr. Yeoman grew up in Houston and attended Trinity University in San Antonio to study Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He and his wife, Elizabeth, live in Northwest Austin, enjoy weekends on the lakes with their three young children, and are active at Bethany United Methodist Church.

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