Ali Hedayatifar, President & COO

Ali is a financial services executive and attorney with experience in financial services, real estate, and insurance with a focus on corporate turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, company recapitalization, change management, and de novo corporate startups.

Ali started his career in private law practice at a well-respected boutique firm and later joined a national law firm solely representing lending institutions, title insurance platforms, and government-sponsored enterprises in litigation, transactional matters, and complex regulatory matters.  His practice focused heavily on financial services laws such as the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and regulators such as the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

During the height of the financial crisis, he successfully defended and obtained dismissal of various complex litigation matters against prominent national and international banking associations, regional mortgage bankers, holding companies and trusts, credit unions, and government-sponsored enterprises such as FNMA and FHLMC. He also successfully litigated and arbitrated high-stakes employment matters with seven-figure amounts in controversy and complex restrictive covenants.

In 2012, Ali left private law practice to become the first in-house General Counsel of Tenura. Over the years he has worked directly with Tenura Chairman, James Mansour, and the Board of Directors on mergers and acquisitions, divestures, management turnarounds, and new start-ups, among other projects.

Ali has accepted multiple promotions while in senior management and currently runs the entire Tenura platform as its President, Chief Operating Officer, and Board Member. Ali is responsible for the vision, mission, and overall direction of Tenura coupled with overseeing management’s execution of the strategies outlined by the Board of Directors. He also directly oversees targeted acquisitions and related financing of companies and operations in line with Tenura’s culture.

Ali holds a BS degree in Economics from Baylor University and a Juris Doctor degree from Texas A&M School of Law (f/k/a Texas Wesleyan School of Law).

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